Round Table aims to foster a spirit of cooperation and resource sharing among members. We use a range of online communication tools for sharing information with and among member organisations.

Round Table mailing list

Round Table has its own discussion-style mailing list currently hosted on the FreeLists website. The list is available to Round Table members and other people and organisations who are interested in print disability issues. Anyone can send emails to the list, and its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge about print disabilities.

To subscribe:

  1. Go to the Round Table Mailing List on FreeLists
  2. Choose “user options”
  3. Enter your email address in the box
  4. Choose “subscribe” in the action box
  5. Then “go”

If you have any difficulties, please contact the Round Table Administrative Officer.

Ozbrl mailing list

Ozbrl is an electronic discussion group established by the Australian Braille Authority to provide a forum for the discussion of issues relating to braille usage in Australia.

To subscribe to ozbrl, send an email to

The message can be blank, but it must be sent from the email address that you wish to use to send and receive Ozbrl messages.

You will receive a reply advising that your subscription request has been forwarded to the moderator for approval. You will subsequently receive a welcome message that gives some general information about the ozbrl list and how to use it.

If you have any questions or problems related to the list, please contact Bruce Maguire:

LinkedIn group

Round Table has a discussion group on professional networking site LinkedIn, which allows members and others who are interested in print disability issues to take part in discussions online and keep in touch.

LinkedIn allows you to create a professional profile and link up with colleagues and friends. Members of the Round Table LinkedIn group include staff from Round Table member organisations and other people interested in accessible format production.

Australian Braille Authority on Facebook

The Australian Braille Authority has developed a Facebook page for sharing local and international braille news and links to interesting braille-related articles. People following the page can add comments, join in discussions or upload photos.

If you are a Facebook user, visit the Australian Braille Authority Facebook page then click on “Like” to keep up with the latest braille news and join in the discussion.


Round Table uses Twitter to share news and updates, and communicate with members and the print disability community. Our Twitter account is @printdisability.

Online photo archive

In preparation for 2011’s 30th anniversary Round Table conference, we began collecting an online archive of photos from previous Round Table events, to share with members, conference delegates and the wider print disability community. This archive is being held online at Flickr Print Disability.

If you have photos or images that you would like to add to this archive, please contact Marjorie Hawkings, Administration Officer.


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