Round Table was established in 1981 as an indirect product of the Second National Seminar on Library Services for People with Print Disabilities, under the auspices of the National Library of Australia’s Advisory Council on Library Services for People with Print Disabilities.

Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities Inc is an association comprising of organisations involved in the production, distribution and use of alternative format materials such as braille, audio, large print and electronic text.

Members are drawn from Federal and State Government departments, direct service providers, production organisations, tertiary institutions, libraries, through to volunteer-based community groups.

Benefits of membership

Round Table seeks to assist its members by:

  • Fostering a spirit of cooperation and resource sharing among members
  • Setting standards and improving the range and accessibility of materials produced
  • Providing for consultation and/or action on matters of common concern
  • Representing the collective views of of members to appropriate bodies
  • Fostering consumer consultation
  • Hosting an annual industry wide conference
  • Providing additional “member only” benefits, such as access to the member’s section on the Round Table website

Why You Should Join Round Table

Round Table is Australasia’s paramount organisation which advises on standards for accessible formats. In our experience, there are many businesses, local and central government agencies and other service providers who really want to make a difference and ensure that all their information is accessible to as many people as possible. However, they frequently struggle to know where to begin. When they do take advice, they often feel they get conflicting and confusing information.

As in most areas of life, a set of widely agreed standards and guidelines goes a long way to ending this confusion, and thus to more accessible information in more places.

Round Table is the body which produces such guidelines and does so by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of its member organisations and other similar bodies around the world.

 By supporting Round Table:

  • You are ensuring that objective standards and guidelines continue to be produced and are reviewed and updated so that they remain relevant in a fast-changing technological environment;
  • You can contribute directly to the development of those guidelines yourself if you want to by joining one of our working groups, so your perspective helps to shape those guidelines for the benefit of you and others;
  • You can learn from established experts and skilled practitioners in the field of accessible information via our annual conference. Each year, numerous workshops, presentations and seminars enable people to learn about accessible information, or to keep their existing knowledge up to date. They can learn about the impact on accessible information which changing technology has and how that technology might be applied in your own organisation;
  • You can influence the future direction of Round Table by taking part in its activities or by electing the leadership of the organisation which in turn plans Round Table’s strategic development and determines its priorities so that it remains relevant and responsive to the needs of services like yours;
  • You are making a clear statement about your commitment to accessibility for the world to see. By being listed as one of our members, you are sending an unequivocal message to your customers, service users and others in your industry that you want to ensure that you are providing information in ways which everyone can read;
  • You are stating that you believe in quality and in information equality: you think that everyone deserves the same information regardless of how they can best access it;
  • You are making a public statement about your commitment to ensuring that accessible information is an important component in the professional development of your staff. If you produce accessible information, you are committing to ensuring that your staff are up to speed with the latest developments. If you don’t yet produce accessible information, you are saying that you want to do so and you recognise how to make a start.For further information or enquiries please contact:

Neil Jarvis
Round Table President
Phone (NZ): +64 21 912 154

Join Round Table

To become a member download and complete the Round Table Membership form (227 KB)


Membership fees for the Round Table are based on an initial joining fee and an annual membership fee. These fees are reviewed annually by the Round Table Executive Committee.

  • the initial joining fee is 10% of the annual fee plus GST

For 2018

  • the annual membership fee is $550 AU (+ GST)
  • the reduced rate for organisations with fewer than 10 employees is $275 AU (+ GST)

To pay your 2018 annual membership via paypal / credit card please complete the Annual Membership Subscription Form.

For 2017

  • the annual membership fee is $550 AU (+ GST)
  • the reduced rate for organisations with fewer than 10 employees is $275 AU (+ GST)

To pay your 2017 annual membership via paypal / credit card please complete the Annual Membership Subscription Form.

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